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Mississippi Space Grant
Affiliate Programs

MSSGC Affiliate Programs Documents

Instructions and Templates for Affiliate Campus Coordinators

MSSGC Program Description, Milestones, and Assessment

NASA Research and Mission Directorate Priorities

Affiliate Programs: Program Description Submission Package

The Mississippi Space Grant Consortium (MSSGC) requests program documents for the 2022-2023 Affiliate Programs. Program descriptions and budget documents will only be accepted from the designated Campus Coordinator of the MSSGC Affiliate Institution (UM, MSU, JSU, USM, ASU, DSU, WUM, MVSU, ICC, CCC, MCC, MDCC, HCC, MGCCC, NEMCC, PRCC, JCJC, SMCC). Templates and instructions can be found below. Affiliates are encouraged to consider programs that are NASA-relevant, campus-wide, inclusive, and impactful. Eligibility of participants need not be limited to science and engineering majors. Any student receiving direct support from any Space Grant funded program must be a US citizen.