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Resources for MSSGC Fellows

Graduate Fellows Orientation

Because You are Funded by NASA

NASA’s Definition: “Field Related to Space” means any academic discipline or field of study (including the physical, natural and biological sciences, and engineering, space technology, education, economics, sociology, communications, planning, law, international affairs and public administration) which is concerned with or likely to improve the understanding, assessment, development and utilization of space.

Inspire, engage, educate, and employ the next generation of explorers through NASA-unique Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning opportunities.

NASA Resources

NASA Resources You Might Not Know About

Because You are Graduate Students

Research Resources I Wish I Had Known About

Writing & Publishing Tools

Because You Might Be Researchers Next

To write a proposal or not to write a proposal …


Lessons learned from John M. (Jack) Seiner.

  1. Never forget who/what pays the bills.
  2. Make connections with people that can work with you.
  3. Have an answer before you are asked.
  4. Never give anything away for free.